Tony and Meenal's Greek and Hindu Wedding

Tony and Meenal mixed Greek and Hindu traditions on their wedding day and there were some super hero surprises as well! 


Tony and Meenal held their gorgeous wedding at a beautiful venue called The Odney Club in Berkshire. They had a stunning surprise super hero cake that had a delicately decorated white lace and floral front but when you turned the cake around the other side had fantastic colourful super hero art work. They had tasty traditional food as well as lovely decorative table centre pieces made of chocolate in a love heart shape. One lucky guest on each table could win it to take it home. Tears were shed and there was plenty of laughter through out.



The first part of the day was an touching and emotional civil ceremony in a stunning airy room opening up onto the lawns with the sun beaming down. 


The Hindu ceremony was the 2nd part of the day in what was a very full schedule!

It's a ceremony full of beautifully romantic symbolism that had been explained in a booklet that was handed to all the guest so that they could follow each part and understand the meanings behind it all. 


The final part of the day was the dinner and reception which meant a 3rd change of clothes for the happy couple! A stunning wedding cake with a superhero twist and lovely super hero details on the tables and throughout that really brought a bit of their personality to the occasion. 

Our favourite photos from their day...